Grand Prairie TX News – Check Out The Major Headlines

Grand Prairie TX News – Check Out The Major Headlines

Grand Prairie has plenty of major news headlines for this Sunday evening, as always, being so close to Dallas and Fort Worth. Have you been keeping up with the news? Maybe you have, but you are used to checking the headlines quite often. I’ve got you covered in this short overview of what is going on in the news for Grand Prairie TX.

There was a motor vehicle accident recently where a car traveled off the road. One person is reported to be deceased, and another person was injured in the accident. In other news, did you hear about the woman that was groped by a man? She fought him off, and she said that she just wanted to kick his…. That news story is very unfortunate in regards to the incident of course, but it is very empowering to hear how she handled the suspect. I am a man, but I’m saying that is one of those news stories that empowers women in these situations and also deters men from trying to commit such crimes.

There is also a high speed rail that has been proposed in Dallas. Have you heard about it? If you have, how do you feel about the proposal? There is an open house being held that is going to allow the public to weigh in on the matter. It is going to be interesting to see what the people of Dallas think about a new high speed rail. I suspect that most will be in favor of it.

That’s a wrap for the major headlines for Grand Prairie TX. You are certainly used to all of the news coming out of Dallas. It’s Sunday evening, so I suggest taking a break from the news so that you can relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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